Changing Of The Guard

On any day designated to honor our military, like Veterans Day, the following ritual best captures and does justice to the moment.

CROSSROADS-Right Choices

Sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in any weather by Tomb Guard sentinels. Sentinels, all volunteers, are considered to be the best of the elite 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), headquartered at Fort Myer, Va.

After members of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment become ceremonially qualified, they are eligible to volunteer for duty as sentinels at the Tomb. If accepted, they are assigned to Company E of The Old Guard. Each soldier must be in superb physical condition, possess an unblemished military record and be between 5 feet, 10 inches and 6 feet, 4 inches tall for males or 5 feet, 8 inches and 6 feet, 2 inches tall for females with a proportionate weight and build. An interview and a two-week trial to determine a volunteer’s capability to…

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We are born to Justice and Due Process

In 2010, research was carried out by a team led by Paul Bloom, professor of psychology at the Infant Cognition Center at Yale University in Connecticut in the US, and used the ability to differentiate between unhelpful and helpful behavior as their indicator of moral judgement. The results contradict the theories of Sigmund Freud and others, who thought human beings start out as “amoral animals”, or a moral blank state. Bloom said there is mounting scientific evidence that this may not be true and that “some sense of good and evil seems to be bred in the bone.”
In one experiment babies between six and ten months old were repeatedly shown a puppet show featuring wooden shapes with eyes. A red ball attempts to climb a hill and is aided at times by a yellow triangle that helps it up the hill by getting behind it and pushing. At other times the red ball is forced back down the hill by a blue square. After watching the puppet show at least six times the babies were asked to choose a character. An overwhelming majority (over 80%) chose the helpful figure. Prof. Bloom said it was not a subtle statistical trend as “just about all the babies reached for the good guy.” Lead author of the study, Kiley Hamlin, said people worry a lot about teaching children the difference between good guys and bad guys but “this might be something that infants come to the world with.”

Sails that power ships were invented because of air movement. It is logical to assume that there would be no inspiration to do so if wind had not first existed to be gathered.

The point that is drawn here in both the baby study and the sails is that something needs to be to be built upon. Take a man accused of some wrongdoing and subject him to trial without representation. He is not allowed to bring forth witnesses on his own behalf nor challenge his accuser’s claim. However, his accuser is ably represented with a full legal contingent at his disposal with no restrictions on how his case against the accused is presented. Any one of us would not relish to be in his shoes at that moment. Considering what we have discussed above in the Yale study of babies, a red flag would rise for us because of a disregard for our innate understanding of right and wrong, fair play and justice. The legal system in the U.S.A. is based upon this innate understanding. And when we see anything other we regard it as unjust, un-American and therefore illegitimate. That inborn knowledge had to first exist in order to develop a legal system to compliment it. If we were born to be unjustly treated with no inclination toward right over wrong, then no one would object to the one-way trial described above. And abusive behavior would be the acceptive norm.

Our true nature as human beings is in our DNA. We either adhere to Natural Laws or the Law of the Jungle where “might makes right”. The former is the rule and the latter is the exception. But, we do have free wills. And we can do what we should or what we want. In that, dangerous scenarios abide. For when power is placed in the wrong hands, meaning those who chose to do wrong, then things get flip-flopped. Former and latter are reversed. The exepction then becomes the rule. Power does not corrupt. It sometimes just falls into corrupt hands. That is when a just due process is rendered impotent and in its place is found a kangaroo court process of injustice where the proof  of guilt is no longer the burden of the accuser but rather the proof of innocence is the burden of the accused. If one were to resist a fair due process and thereby impede the investigation, one would be considered to be obstructing justice. But, if one is denied rightful due process and in like manner resists an illegitimate process can one be considered to be obstructing injustice? What penalty can there be in this instance when the process is in violation itself.

Due process is the legal requirement that the state must respect all legal rights that are owed to a person. Due process balances the power of law of the land and protects the individual person from it. When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law.

Due process is accorded to all American citizens and deservedly so by human birthright. Whether one be the President of the United States or the common man and woman. When one is violated then all are violated.


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The Impeachment Clause, Fairness and Hamilton’s Warning

I spent a portion of 22 years of my professional life as an athletics coach. As a coach I had to become proficient in not only the skills, tactics and strategies of  a particular game but the rules that govern each as well. For within the rules are the protections of the athletes and preserving the integrity of the game. There is an oft unused rule in sport. It is called the travesty rule. Travesty, meaning to make a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something. If this were not enforced, with some form of penalty, then the integrity of the game in which is found its value and purpose would be severely undermined. The function of the game, its outcomes, etc. could become meaningless. And so it is with most things.

Let us look at the present impeachment process that has been opened. Here now is taking place a travesty of fairness and justice through the neglect of due process of which this country has not been exposed to since its founding. What we are experiencing is a one-sided investigation denying the accused an opportunity to answer his accusers. And the minority party is being denied its right to scrutinize the veracity of witness testimony who are only summed forth by the party in power of the House of Representatives. All that should be made transparent and available to the public as a fair process is not. This is so because established historic  president is being ignored for a new president which will likely open the way for future discrediting of the will of the American people. Should the established DC swamp creatures not find the people’s choice for President acceptable to them then star chambers of the past will become the cornerstone practice of the future.

The press has been given the responsibility by the Constitution to fairly disseminate with care the news to the public in fact. It is meant to provide clarity and certainty of events and decisions that effect their lives and the lives of their families. However,  for the most part, they have failed in that responsibility due to a bias toward one party over the other. News papers which once had an opinion section have greatly been transformed by editors into near complete opinion periodicals. Politics has long since poisoned the main stream media as it has, as well, negatively seduced various agencies and bureaucrats not voted in by the people.

In that, the normal means of information can no longer be trusted with certainty. The people must look to their Constitution for clarity to see if this present impeachment procedure, which choses not to follow previous president, passes the smell test. Below is the Impeachment Clause as is found in the U.S. Constitution, followed by a dire warning from Alexander Hamilton, a Founding Father.


The Impeachment Clause

Impeachment clause in the U.S. Constitution empowers the House of Representatives to remove the President, Vice-President or other civil officers of the  U.S. from their office for committing offences like treason, bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors. However, the power to try all impeach is granted to the U.S. Senate. [Note that it doesn’t say: one or two House members or a House Committee is explicitly granted the power to initiate impeachment proceedings. But it does say that the House of Representatives is empowered to do so. This means a weighing in by all House members, indicating a vote as the prudent would understand. In this way the people are too represented. And in so doing as Representatives of the people all proceedings must be in full view so as not to construe any less then honorable intent and fairness. The citizens can understand this and would expect nothing less. For anything less could one day be levied upon them.

In essay 65, Hamilton correctly predicts that impeachments are political, partisan, and could be abused by the party in power.
“…The subjects of its jurisdiction [impeachments] are those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust. They…may…be…political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself. The prosecution of them…will seldom fail to agitate the passions of the whole community, and to divide it into parties…and in such cases there will always be the greatest danger that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.”

In the same essay, Hamilton states that cunning partisan politicians will be tempted to abuse the impeachment power.
“The difficulty of placing it [impeachment] rightly in a government…of periodical elections will as readily be perceived, when it is considered that the most conspicuous characters in it will, from that circumstance, be too often the leaders or the tools of the most cunning or the most numerous faction, and on this account can hardly be expected to possess the requisite neutrality towards those whose conduct may be the subject of scrutiny.”
“The convention…thought the Senate the most fit depositary of this important trust. …will be the least hasty…and will be most inclined to allow due weight to the arguments…”

Any process of impeachment that does not adhere to the warning of Hamilton will fail in the end. Because it will not be beyond contestation. And the House, in power, which so chooses to in this way veer  from modern president (Nixon and Clinton impeachments) and due process as granted to all citizens by the Constitution of the United States ,thereby, ignoring the people’s sense of fair play will find itself in rubbles.

At this moment in history Democrats cannot validate, by their heresy to procedure, that the President is violating the norms, when they themselves are violating the norms. 



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View Of Things From The Common Man

Impeachment is defined as the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something.

The impeachment effort that is in our current events of 2019, or actually since the Inauguration of President Trump because 64 Democrat Congressmen and Congresswomen chose not attend in objection to the election outcome,  is not so much being exacted upon him as it is upon the American people. The attack on him is in reality an attack on all those 63+ million people in particular who voted for him, but, in general, includes those who didn’t. This, by definition, calling into question of integrity and validity, refers to the voting population at large whether supporter of the winner or the loser. For an attack on this process is a disenfranchisement of all who participate and is a most direct threat to democracy. Those Congressmen and Congresswomen who sat out express their disapproval of the people’s choice and will. Therefore, in their minds, if they don’t approve, then the election according to them must be regarded as null and void. So now the stage is set. Unless you vote the way the D.C. established status quo desires then the American voters can expect more of the same.

Once we get beyond all the noise, smoke and mirrors we can clearly see what the end game is. What the underlying true goal is. Make no mistake; it is POWER. Trump is hated in the mind of D.C. elite because he is less like them (both parties included) and more like us; the people. And that disrupts their game plan. Many come to pubic service poor and leave rich. He came in rich and will leave rich with no need of lobbyist’s pocket lining. Some serve us but too many serve themselves at our expense.

This socialist agenda embraced by the majority of Dems goes beyond economics. We see that economic effect clearly in Venezuela. Free stuff and government caregiving sounds good until the well runs dry. And you will not find government officials standing in line at a supermarket for hours to obtain a couple bottles of mayonnaise and a loaf of bread to live on, or consume zoo animals out of desperation.

In another image we observe the people of Hong Kong. They have been protesting for months in the streets, subway systems, air ports, etc. Not to gain freedom but to keep it. Over their heads hangs the suffocating air of Communist Chinese Beijing rule. These protesters are not carrying a flag representative of their country but rather an American flag. To them it is the symbol of freedom that they hold so dear and which is so taken for granted by Americans. They are willing to spend all for individual freedom. For they know that Communism, which is but a mere manifestation of socialism, will forever enslave them under governmental restraint.

With a line from Rudyard Kipling’s “If” in mind; I urge all beware when you hear spoken  truth twisted by knaves.  For they make a trap for fools.

The following is the game plan to achieve the goal of power. Many should find this not too unfamiliar. For it is at play in America now and has been slowly nurtured for decades. It is an effort by the socialist advocates to shred the Constitution and rewrite it. And in so doing will eventually neuter the power of the vote which is the main impediment to authoritarian government rule.

There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state.
The first is the most important.
1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people.                                               2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.                        3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.                                                                                       4) Gun Control — Remove the ability of people to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state. (gun confiscation)
5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).
6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school. (Indoctrination in universities, secondary and elementary schools to socialist principles.)
7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools. (1963- SCOTUS orders prayer removed from public schools)
8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

Freedom, like love, is never most appreciated  until it is lost. Then it is often to late to be regained.

The integrity or validity of each person who holds public office is confirmed or denied at the end of each term served. It is then that the fairest impeachment process takes place. For at that point each candidate has made his case and it is the people who convict or exonerate by their vote. Any attempt to remove a President or other office holder from office had better conform to constitutional laws and congressional traditional procedural rules. For it is in this instance that democracy is threatened and the order of a free nation is compromised. Such a rare and unusual disconnect from the norm of public rule clearly must exhibit those four known violations – Conviction of, “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” – supported by factual evidence devoid of bias or prejudice. Otherwise it is nothing more than an exercise in political vendetta saturated in hyperbole.

Elections and the right of the American citizens’ vote to be counted and honored is the only and greatest leverage that the common man and woman has over its government. It is the only thing they fear so long as it still has teeth. When that leverage is given or taken away, or reduced to an exercise in futility then the rule of the people will be of no value. For then the vote of the people will only be accepted as valid if it meets the approval of the ruling class, which includes the branches of government, agencies, media, entertainment industries and public education institutions. That one potent protective power of we the people once possessed will have been surrendered to the established status quo by our own blind indifference.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” – Matthew 7:15



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Lady Justice Unmasked

Despite our political leanings, ideologies or belief systems we are enfolded in a legal system that presupposes innocence before guilt and fair judgement and justice for all. When that system mutates into a double standard then a true divide between peoples occurs. We are not equal in status, for that is the way of things. Christ said: the poor you will always have.” Yet there is no reason not to be the beneficiaries of equal opportunity and justice. And in the double standard of justice is the sin of our present day. In the light of the renewed politically motivated character assassination of Justice Kavanaugh, of which none of us are immune no matter our walk of life, I am re-posting “Lady Justice Unmasked,” for it is most relevant to this current event.

CROSSROADS-Right Choices

“If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every word may be confirmed by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.  – Matthew 18: 15-17

Here Christ gives us a process to justice. An orderly method to reveal truth. He does not say to shun the accused upon accusation, but only after completing an orderly process. A process that is fair to all, not playing favorites, and not drawn out. Above all it holds to evidence. As we can see, the burden of proof is…

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Relentless Pursuer of the Restless Heart

“for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

Why is our conversation so conflict laden? Why do we accuse one another rather than listen with a rational open  mind? All compromise and reason is gone. A line has been drawn between two major mindsets in our country devoid of common sense. It has not been caused by any one or many persons, but by one antagonist. He is as a tree that known by its fruit; in his case, EVIL. We can no longer speak to each other constructively. Not because we are not on the same page, but, rather, because we are no longer in the same book. Life is the issue, not death. Death can be obtained from life, but not life from death. Leastwise, not in the mind of the worldly whose faith is ill-placed. What we give our hearts to will root us in light or darkness; life or death. We must choose.

The pre-culture of death entertainment industry, 1950’s and earlier, produced “Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ”. It won eleven academy awards in 1959. In 2004, “The Passion of the Christ,” received not one nomination in any category. Religious films once revered have now become reviled. More movies today are made of the demonic than faith based. Most that are faith based will not be found promoted by the established entertainment industry. The driving out of God from much of our daily lives as a nation – prayer removed from schools, the onset of the sexual revolution and, again, the metamorphosis of the movie industry – are a few of the events that have spearheaded a culture of death and convenience which has us where we are today. Distrust, anxiety and disharmony are at a peak due to a pervasive double standard of justice. It seems as though national tension is at its breaking point. Common sense, with reverence for natural law, for those who still possess it or are willing to acknowledge such, tells us that we have been headed in the wrong direction for nearly the last seven decades. Spurred on by raw emotion and subjective truth, we find ourselves on a slippery slope destined for destruction. Either from without or from within are threatened body, mind and spirit.

What can heal the hardened heart? For it is so conditioned by selfishness, enflamed by the antagonist; the Prince of Lies. Those who have been so seduced by him have become, wittingly or unwittingly,  his disciples. He first encourages, then condemns. His method inculcates every vice through the perversion of each corresponding virtue. Any means necessary is an acceptable practice, no matter who is hurt, in the process to achieve the end goal. Along with this practice comes an admittance, that the harmful effects of perpetrations against a brother or sister of humanity may trouble one’s conscience, because it is inherent in each of us that to bring harm to another is a violation of the golden rule and an affront to God. We know such actions against the perpetrator would not be willingly tolerated by him if the shoe were on the other foot. Yet,  though we may turn our backs on GOD, does He, likewise, turn His back on us?

Juda Ben Hur, was a Jewish prince, and man of business. He is betrayed by his boyhood friend, Masala, an officer in the Roman army after Hur refused to become an informant for the Roman Empire. Hur is sentenced to row in the galley of the Roman fleet and his mother and sister are imprisoned. All are left for dead. Yet Juda survives and gets his revenge against Masala during a chariot race in Rome. His mother and sister, although too still alive, develop leprosy from the abhorrent prison conditions and are banished to a leper colony. When compelled to do so by the woman he would marry, Ester, Hur, though not a believer, agrees to bring his mother and sister to Christ to encourage them in their suffering. Hate still held his heart captive, not having been quenched by the vengeance served upon Marsala. For it was not Marsala, but the ever present dominance of Rome – that ruined the lives of he, his, family, Marsala and his countrymen – which continues to fuel his hate. While witnessing the crucifixion he heard Christ say at the instant of His death; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

When Juda returned home from the crucifixion he told Ester: “It was then that His voice took the sword from my hand.” At that moment his mother and sister, who had earlier returned from the interrupted visit with Christ, entered the room cleansed of leprosy. Their faith had healed them by Christ’s sacrifice. To know Juda’s story is to know the events that so apparently had irreparably hardened his heart. Yet, through only the sacrifice of the Lamb of God was his heart healed. No worldly condition could have done so. At the crucifixion it was revealed to him that love, not vengeance, is the conqueror of injustice wrought by evil. Love restores, hate destroys. Love is God, hate is Satan. Love is life, hate is death. Satan lost at his moment of victory. For in Christ giving His life for all mankind unto the forgiveness of sins, so, too, does death lose its sting and Satan is made irrelevant for those who choose to align their wills with God.

God was a relentless pursuer of Juda. He loved him so much that He gave him every opportunity to let go of hate and to embrace love, which is God Himself. What was done for Juda is done for us all. Just when we think that God has left us for good, it is then that we need but look over our shoulder, and there He is still. In avoiding God we affirm Satan’s own relentlessness. For every void must be filled. There are no empty spaces. Even in our hearts. That which releases good makes way for evil. When we turn from God, though we believe we are doing our own thing; in truth, eventually, we are doing Satan’s thing.

As with us all, Juda’s heart was restless. And so shall each heart remain should we not persist in seeking that which this world cannot give; absolute truth, perfect love and eternal life. Saint Augustine said it best: “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

In Francis Thompson’s poem: “The Hound Of Heaven,” Francis is relentlessly pursued by God despite his every effort to elude Him. I include the poem below linked, for convenience, to read should any wish to return to this post when time may be less limited. But I will provide here the opening excerpt:

I fled Him down the nights and down the days
I fled Him down the arches of the years
I fled Him down the labyrinthine ways
Of my own mind, and in the midst of tears
I hid from him, and under running laughter.
Up vistaed hopes I sped and shot precipitated
Adown titanic glooms of chasmed hears
From those strong feet that followed, followed after
But with unhurrying chase and unperturbed pace,
Deliberate speed, majestic instancy,
They beat, and a Voice beat,
More instant than the feet:
All things betray thee who betrayest me.


G.K. Chesterton called it the greatest poem in modern English. He described it as a “many-coloured pageant of images and words” that had “the power of Dante”:

The awakening of the Domini canes, the Dogs of God, meant that the hunt was up once more; the hunt for the souls of men; and that religion of that realistic sort was anything but dead . . . . and that the hunt will continue until the world turns to bay.

The Hound Of Heaven

By Francis Thompson (1890)
















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What’s Wrong with the World?

When a Newspaper once asked the question: “What’s wrong with the world?” G.K. Chesterton, the great Catholic thinker replied: “I am.” We too are responsible, when we take no action which would make life a bit better for another given the opportunity to do so. Indifference is a sin against charity. For in doing nothing we allow injustice to fester, even on the most elementary level. And from the lowest level of unseized charitable opportunity does the world become wayward. It requires no real effort to take stock of ourselves in the quiet before retiring for the day in asking what were the missed opportunities today, if acted upon, I could have made a difference. Likewise, as we stand before the mirror readying for the day ahead, remind ourselves and make a commitment to not let that chance pass by us this day. When a multitude of us accepts that responsibility then the world will be well on its way to becoming right. Peace and order are no longer alienated when the scales of justice are put back in balance. When any multitude or individual is acknowledged and respected mutual camaraderie is renewed.

There once was a man who was very successful in training men for war. He felt if he could instill enough hate in his recruits then they will obey any command when called upon to do so. So at the end of many months of training in all conditions and circumstances he lined his squad up side by side. There before his commanding officer he proceeded to display to his higher up the power that he had over his men. He told the first man to turn to his fellow soldier next to him and slap him as hard as he could. The soldier obeyed with great force. Then the second soldier obeyed as the first and so-on down the line. When the 6th man in line heard the command he turned to the soldier next to him and raised his  hand ready to strike. But, instead, dropped his arm down to his side turned forward and stood respectfully at attention. It is at a moment as this when hate stops.

Connor Crites(left) and Christian Moore(right) first day of school in Wichita, Kansas.

WICHITA, Kan. ( –
A first day of school picture is going viral, in a really good way.
Two elementary school boys began the new school year with a lesson in kindness.
“I saw him on the ground with Connor as Connor was crying in the corner and he was consoling him. He grabs his hand and walks him to the front door. We waited until the bell rang and he walked him inside of the school. The rest is history. They have an inseparable bond,” says Courtney Moore.
What Christian didn’t know that day is that Connor is autistic. He was overwhelmed with everything going on around him at Minneha Elementary School.
“I fear everyday that someone is going to laugh at him because he doesn’t speak correctly, or laugh at him because he doesn’t sit still or because he jumps up and down and flaps his hands,” says April Crites.
It was a moment in time, caught…now capturing the hearts of strangers all over. But to the boys, it was simple.
“He was kind to me. I was in the 1st day of school and I started crying then he helped me and I was happy,” says Connor Crites.
Christian didn’t see Connor as different…a message their moms, and many others, are taking from this.
“It doesn’t matter color, it doesn’t matter gender, it doesn’t matter disability, and it doesn’t matter anything, just be kind, open your heart… it’s what we need in this world.”
No words spoken, just a quick gesture…turned this little boy’s whole day around.
“One act of kindness can change someone’s life, can change the world. That’s all it takes.”

The two young men above teach the most valuable lesson. It is an example of sacrifice. One has the need of a friend and the other satisfies that need. Christian (prophetically named) could have easily passed Connor’s issue on to a teacher as most would have expected. But, instead, he took it upon himself to make a difference. When one sacrifices, one loves. For sacrifice is the  requirement of love. That act of charity has created a firm bond between these two new friends.

He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:2-4

We can see through this example of Connor and Christian the joy that was Paradise. Milton wrote about Paradise Lost. It was lost by ego. It can be regained by selfless innocence. These two young men show us that ego could not have forged this new friendship. Ego compels people to take sides by an insistence that one must be right over another. But, no matter how long we wait out the theorized fruits of some anticipated evolutionary utopia we miss the immediate opportunity to regain Paradise. For Paradise takes but a moment to decide to let go of ego and get on the same page as did Connor and Christian in sacrifice and gratitude. Chaos vanishes and order restored. From it comes a peace, not as the present world can give . The kind of peace that filled Connor with confidence and comfort as soon as Christian took his hand.

What must we each do to answer “I AM” to the question: “What is right with the world?”

Saint Francis of Assisi points us in the right direction below:













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