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Carpe diem

Carpe diem is a Latin aphorism usually translated to “seize the day”; and is taken from a poem in the Odes (book 1, number 11) in 23 BC by the Poet Horace. “And when he came nigh to the gate … Continue reading

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Food For Thought

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.”- Albert Einstein I recently completed reading a book titled: “Geocentrism 101,” authored by Dr. Robert Sungenis, a PhD. in Theology and Religious Studies from George … Continue reading

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Food For Thought (Introduction)

One summer, at August’s end, I accompanied my brother, as he drove my nephew, bag and baggage, to Boston University, for his sophomore year. The conditions at the university were quite chaotic, as students and parents were everywhere carting belongings … Continue reading

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