All Is Calm, All Is Bright

This word Hope can be extended to the following meaning in referencing Christ; He Offers Peace Eternal.

The unlikely source of this hope is found in the infant so humbly born yet marked by a star. The infant empowered by God, with and in him, to make all things new.

Christmas goes on though the world seems bleak, dark and lost. So, on this Christmas most needed abandon the world as it is for now and celebrate. Share with family and those held dear the love, joy, light and hope of Christmas and let Him make all things new.

CROSSROADS-Right Choices

Before 2019 Christmas was as it always was. The hustle and bustle of gift shopping, tree and house decorations, cards coming and going, the anticipation of children as they looked forward to the Christmas break from school. Packed Churches in celebration of the Nativity of Christ attended by family adorned in their better that Sunday best. The opening of Christmas morning gifts by excited children as they awaited grandma, grandpa and other family members to share a Christmas feast.

Fast forward to the Christmas that lay before us clouded over by the pandemic that invaded our land and the entire world just after Christmas 2019. We shopped for gifts online. Children looked forward to returning to in person classes with friends, that they have been attending virtually alone. Though we decorated and still sent cards, many were not able to share them with others as had been true in theā€¦

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About Alan A. Malizia: Contagious Optimism! Co-Author

Retired mathematics teacher and high school athletics coach. Honors: 1988 Ct. Coach of the Year for H.S. Girls Voleyball and 2007 Inducted into the Ct. Women's Volleyball Hall of Fame. Since retiring have written two books; "The Little Red Chair," an autobiography about my life experience as a polio survivor and "A View From The Quiet Corner," a selection of poems and reflections. Presently I am a contributing author for the "Life Carrots" series primarily authored by Dave Mezzapelle of
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