Is Anybody There? Does Anybody Care?

justice-is-blind-statueIn the Broadway musical “1776,” through a song from the score titled, “Is Anybody There?”, a frustrated General George Washington sends a letter to the Continental Congress apprising its members of the condition of the army under his command. The letter describes the woeful circumstances; soldiers, mostly the age of boys, have little by way of food, weapons, munitions and low morale. The low morale is not solely due to the conditions depicted but specifically regarding their purpose. What are they fighting for? Washington urges Congress to get about a commitment to unity and a declaration of war against England before it is too late. One can get behind a creed but not an idea. Without a creed one’s identity is lacking. Washington always opens his battlefield correspondences to a divided and uncertain congress with, “Is anybody there? Does anybody care?”

The 2012 Benghazi attack took place on the evening of September 11, 2012, when Islamic militants attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, killing U.S Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith. Stevens was the first U.S. Ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979. Several hours later, a second assault targeted a different compound about one mile away, killing CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. Ten others were also injured in the attacks. During the days leading up to and including the thirteen hour siege requests for military support was denied. If not for the CIA contractors, who disobeyed the order to stand down, the loss of life would have been even worse. These brave selfless men were former military warriors who lived by the code of “NO One Left Behind.” They were not going to stand by and not go to the aid of those remaining in the American diplomatic compound. I’m certain that during those terrifying thirteen hours until rescued by Libyan government forces along with a group of Americans the question arose often: “Is anybody there? Does anybody care?”

In the complete text of the Declaration of Independence where the case is made against King George III of England, the following accusation is found:”…deaf to the voice of justice…” When FBI director James Comey presented his case against Hillary Clinton, the facts seemed clear for a recommendation for prosecution. Yet in the end he walked away from it. And justice again fell on deaf ears. His accurate scathing rebuke of her gross negligence was meant to appease those who would be dissatisfied by his decision, yet, more likely, it was meant to ease a troubled conscience persuaded by political pressure.
We the tax payers who do the heavy lifting in this country by the sweat of our brow, giving it its life blood, have been short-changed again. The double standard of justice that now exists can be delivered a crippling blow. People of good conscience can impose their own indictment come November through the power of the vote. So, again, in the light of these recent events the question must now be asked of ourselves, as citizens of these United States of America; “Is anybody there? Does anybody care?”

Those who are ignorant of the truth can be forgiven, but not those who know the truth and choose to ignore it.


About Alan A. Malizia: Contagious Optimism! Co-Author

Retired mathematics teacher and high school athletics coach. Honors: 1988 Ct. Coach of the Year for H.S. Girls Voleyball and 2007 Inducted into the Ct. Women's Volleyball Hall of Fame. Since retiring have written two books; "The Little Red Chair," an autobiography about my life experience as a polio survivor and "A View From The Quiet Corner," a selection of poems and reflections. Presently I am a contributing author for the "Life Carrots" series primarily authored by Dave Mezzapelle of
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  1. Wonderful post Alan. I wonder too at times, does anybody have the courage to step up and stand by the truth. To know it and ignore it, I believe that is when suffering begins.

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